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Leadership's Signature Program: Congratulating Ashley Tyeryar

June 29, 2021

Each year Sterling Group sponsors one colleague to participate in Leadership South Bend Mishawaka’s Signature Program, designed to give those in leadership positions an introduction to skills necessary to support and impact their teams using the servant leadership model. This year long community immersion curriculum allows participants to explore their community, network with other leaders, and walk away with passions to help them serve not only in their workplace, but also in the SBM community. Each participating class chooses a community improvement project as the cornerstone of their year.

Our very own Ashley Tyeryar is a recent graduate of the 2020-2021 class 47. Her class project focuses on substance abuse addiction/treatment & recovery. The team partnered with a local organization, Oaklawn, and will be hosting “Rockin’ Out for Recovery” in September, recognized as National Recovery Month! It will be their first event for NRM. Ashley was an advocate for this topic and focus, losing her brother to his battle with addiction in April 2019. She says the journey through this labor of love has proven therapeutic.

Ashley says, “The experience that I had with this Leadership is truly invaluable. The course content consistently pushed me outside of my comfort zone and yielded tremendous self-growth. However, my biggest take away is the bond developed with my project team who I had the pleasure of working with for countless hours, diving into such a sensitive and personal topic.”

Another key focus on this event is Oaklawn’s approach to their addiction treatment and recovery model, employing those who have recovered from substance abuse to help guide those battling addiction. This model yields a much higher success rate with less relapses compared to traditional substance abuse treatment methods. Kari Tarman is the Director of Oaklawn and the team’s point of contact.

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