A tailored, hands-on business strategy Unique to Our Industry

At Sterling Management, we have over 30 years of experience assisting owners in achieving both physical and financial goals for their assets.

We understand that each property and property owner has a unique set of objectives that are vital to their success.

Sterling Management does not apply the "One-Plan-Fits-All" approach to property management. We have created a tailored, hands-on business strategy that is unique to our industry. This plan, called the 5 Ps, has been successful for every product type: Lease-up, Affordable and Conventional. It is the execution of the 5 Ps that results in improved Net Operating Income and asset value for our clients.

Defining characteristics of our management team:

  • Hands-on management style
  • In-house marketing, training, accounting and IT support
  • Commitment to work-life balance for our colleagues
  • Customer-focused services
  • Proactive quest for efficiency and innovation
  • Experienced teams for property transitions
  • Flexible work environments to serve distinctive markets
  • Professional and accurate financial reporting

3rd Party Management

Property management has been a core tradition of the Sterling Group since 1976.

As Sterling Management continues to grow and implement advances to our technology and training, we look for ways to add depth to our portfolio. Currently, we work with outside owners to increase return on investment through our Management and Marketing operations. 

We provide a custom-designed management approach that enables us to review and analyze the data for each community and create a results-driven business plan that is unique to each community in their respective market.

Sterling Management maximizes the return on investment for our owners by creating a game plan that balances both the owners’ goals and the dynamics of the market. Our team implements the customized game plan, rather than issuing a cookie-cutter approach.

Sterling colleagues are skilled listeners, able to hear the opportunities and challenges our customers face. We develop a plan of action to achieve results based on the needs of each customer, and implement this plan through the hands-on efforts of our seasoned takeover staff and experienced upper management team. We accomplish our goals with the cooperation of a dedicated corporate services team, who provides support in the following areas:

  • Recruiting, hiring & placement
  • Professional training
  • Accounting services
  • Marketing & advertising
  • Information technology
  • And much more...

The Right Team knows that for every day a community spends operating without a plan, both time and money are lost. Our team uses a proactive approach, altering the plan as variables begin to change, thus staying on track with our projected results.

Sterling Management has the integrity, expertise and determination to achieve results in any market.