Sterling University

Welcome to Sterling U!

Sterling University is the training platform we use to deliver a dynamic on-boarding experience for our new colleagues and on-going career development for every position. The first chapter in every colleague’s Sterling Story is learning the history, culture, and mission of The Sterling Group through a comprehensive New Hire Orientation. This course along with many others is delivered online through our Learning Management System, Vision LMS.

We employ the latest industry technology to deliver our curriculum along with the leading industry providers for these services, including Grace Hill and Lead2Lease. Vision LMS allows our colleagues real-time access to their personal learning paths, detailing all training requirements, due dates and performance results. With over 100 eLearning classes and games available in the course catalog, Vision LMS gives our colleagues a user-friendly and convenient method for successful training.

Beyond eLearning, Sterling U offers several options for interactive training including hosting five in-house webinars and five instructor-led classroom courses. Our custom courses are designed to take industry fundamentals and specifically tailor them to “The Sterling Way”, using the unique approach and philosophy that has proven our success.

The success of our company depends on the success of our colleagues. Sterling U exists to provide our colleagues with the best training resources available, directly impacting employee performance and taking our colleagues and the company to the next chapter of our Sterling Story.